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How to Setup a Squeeze Page

"If You Have 52 Minutes, Then You Can Have Your Own Complete Lead Capture System Set Up Just Like 971 Others -- 100% Guaranteed!"

From: Lance Tamashiro
Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dear Friend,

When I got started online, I spent way more time than I should have just trying to figure out how to get the basics of my online business up and running.

There was so much information out there that I was always confused about what I was supposed to be doing and I always felt like I was a step behind.

I found myself jumping from "system" to "system", getting more and more confused and even worse...DOUBTING MYSELF!

My frustration began to grow as I discovered that most of the information out there was incomplete and left huge gaps. There was nothing that actually put everything in one place so that I could understand the "big picture" of what I was trying to build in the first place.

There was no course that actually explained how an online business worked and what steps would get me there.

What I finally found out: there were only 4 things that I needed to know and they were simpler than I could have ever imagined.

Here is everything you need to know to build a following, get traffic and make sales, I call these the "4 Pillars Of Online Business"...

  1. Domain Name: A "www.yourname.com" address, so people can get to your webpage from anywhere in the world...INSTANTLY for less than the price of a medium, one topping pizza
  2. Web Hosting: A "place" to store your graphics, audios, videos and blog posts 24/7 for less than a cup of coffee a month
  3. Email Newsletter: Send email reminders, offers and information quickly and easily without having to lift a finger. (SECRET! This is the difference between sites that get 10 visitors and day and 1,000 visitors a day, with no extra effort)
  4. Email Capture Page: Advertise your newsletter worldwide and let it do all the work for you on autopilot

The "4 Pillars" are extremely powerful, but the good news is they are easy, fast and repeatable if you have the right guide to put them together.

The "Setup A Squeeze Page System"

This system is responsible for increasing leads and sales for hundreds of separate businesses... putting "The 4 Pillars" on 100% autopilot all day and night

I want to personally train you and let you watch over my shoulder as I put these "Pillars" into action and shortcut 52 days of business building frustration into 52 minutes of easy to implement, step-by-step instruction.

You will discover:

  • You are literally throwing 80% of your website traffic out the window. The 30 second fix to keep that traffic coming back
  • You no longer have to struggle to get visitors to your website, you can now turn on your traffic whenever you want
  • Stop spinning your wheels and cluttering your mind trying to learn every little detail. Understand the system every successful online business uses and build your own, step-by-step, in the next 52 minutes
  • The "3 Components" that you must understand if you have any chance of succeeding online

"The Three Componenents Is Gold!"

Your free squeeze page video is right what the new person or those who have been at it a while with lots going out and nothing coming in.

Without someone standing by your side, many folks get lost and give up.

The three componenents is gold!

Thanks, keep it coming.

Curtis Walker

"You Make It As Easy As 1,2,3"

Lance, like the song says you make it as "Easy as 1,2,3".

It was so helpful to see things laid out in such a logical manner.

You made it clear in just a few steps how to get online and start making dollars and sense at the same time.

Good work...

Cynthia Alexander

The Most Understandable Step By Step Internet Marketing Tutorial That I Have Ever Seen"

Hi Lance,

Thank you for the training. This is absolutely the best and most understandable step by step internet marketing tutorial that i have ever seen.

This is the only video i have seen actually explaining in detail all the techy things that most newbie marketers have difficulty doing.

I like the post office analogy on how it relates to internet marketing. Also, i just learn something about the edit plus since it actually makes uploading and editing websites a breeze.

Thanks for being a very honest and credible marketer since it is rarely seen nowadays with popular marketers starting out with great reputation and then throwing it all away to unethical blind product launch promotions.

Arnie Lorico

"A Refreshing Change"

Hi Lance,

Your teaching style is a refreshing change from the so called "gurus" who know their stuff but they don't know how to communicate clearly to smart intelligent "baby boomers" like me!


Kevin Murphy

"Eliminates All Excuses...
Start Building A List Immediately!"

Excellent tutorial, Lance!

Your easy-to-follow, step-by-step zero-to-finished-squeeze-page-walk-through eliminates all excuses anyone could have not to set up a squeeze and start building a list immediately.

I appreciate how you give a simple path, showing only the essential tools to get the job done. The last of choices enables the viewer to keep focused on completion rather than deciding on which tool to use.

I used your video to sign up for Hostgator. The steps made the process easy.

You give great tutorial, Lance. Keep up the great work!

Roger Easlick

"Took Me 1 Year To Figure Out What You Just Explained In Under 60 Minutes"


That was one of the best explainations of the the basic Internet Model I have seen.

It took me, literally, a year to figure out (via bits and pieces of products I bought) what you just explained in under an hour.

I had a website for about two years before I even thought about a list, traffic or offers (and I wondered why it wasn't generating an income).

Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out in such simple terms.

Michelle Schoen

"Excellent For Anyone Starting On The Internet!"

Great content, as usual, Lance!

I loved the way you start with the concept and lead the trainee through the basic steps, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Excellent product for anyone starting on the Internet.

Highly recommended!

Ely Shemer

"Now I Can Make Use Of That Knowledge Floating In My Head!"

Hey Lance, nice training. I'm already pretty well versed in the basic structure. However, I'm also one of those guys that has a lot of this knowledge floating around in his head, but I am not making the proper use of it. What I learned from this video is that; I you don't do it right from the start…. You won't have much success in the mid and long term.

Thanks Lance

Harold Lindsey

Core Training:
"Automated Lead Capture System"

Once you take this easy course you will have your own domain name, email newsletter system, a website and a lead capture system. You'll be proud of your new automatic online business that will collect new interested subscribers and growing your customer base on it's own.

But, I want to make sure that you build on the momentum and excitement that you are having as you finally understand "how it all works" so I am going to do something I have never done before...

Bonus #1:
"Newbie Bootcamp Live" Replay

($291.00 Value)

On top of having your complete system in place in the next 52 minutes...

All of your questions answered LIVE until you know exactly what steps to take next.

  • Ever see some fancy popup on a webpage and want to know the right way to do that?
  • Want to know if it even works?
  • Need to know how to get your sales page online and taking orders?
  • How about actually delivering your product?
  • How many times should you mail your list?
  • What to mail your list?
  • The secrets strategies that I use to build my list

"1/2 Dozen Missing Link Pieces Of The Puzzle"


That was a fabulous webinar!!! You provided 1/2 dozen missing link pieces of the puzzle that had me totally stymied for months and months and months. I see how it fits together now, how it flows, and expect to move forward rapidly. Thank you sooooo much.


Judy Jackson


I had so fun much for the first Newbie Bootcamp live and got such amazing feedback that I figured we would do it again!

Bonus #2:
"Newbie Bootcamp Live #2" Replay

($97.00 Value)

On top of having your complete system in place in the next 52 minutes and the 3 hours of the first Newbie Bootcamp Live call...

I am going to host an additional private, members only live webinar where I will help you take the system you have just built and get you to the next level

Have you ever wished you could just ask someone and actually get an answer that makes sense and more importantly, that you can use in your business?

If you ask... I'll answer...

On this call I will individually answer EVERY question you have! I will stay on the line with you until EVERY question you have is fully answered

Module 1: Your Automated Lead Capture System 52 Minutes $97.00
Bonus #1: Newbie Bootcamp Live Webinar Replay 3 Hours $291.00
Bonus #2: Newbie Bootcamp Live Webinar Replay 1 Hours $97.00
Bonus #3: Community   $97.00
Included: Lifetime Replays & Lifetime Updates   PRICELESS
Total: Normal Price 4 Hours 52 Minutes $1524.00

Normal Price: $1,524.00

I remember what it was like trying to get started online. I created this course as my way of saying thank you to all of the people that have helped me along the way. So what I want to do is get this in the hands of as many frustrated online business owners as I can...

I would have gladly paid any amount of money to find the right coaches and training early on. Someone who had been through the steps and could explain them to me in a way that I could actually use.

That alone would have saved me thousands of dollars and hours of frustion and even more importantly would have accelerated the success of my business

For that reason, I want to show you different my training is from anything else you have taken.

I give you no fluff, straight to the point, step by step instructions that you can actually see me walk through the step real time.

Everything you need to know is in there.

I know that once you take this training you will make so much progress with your business that you will continue to use my training and products to take your business to the next level for years to come.

Go ahead, take the first in succeeding online and...

Claim Your Very Own Automatic Online Business For Only $17 By Clicking The Button Below...

Order Over our Secure Order Form!

YES! I want the exact strategies and business techniques used by Lance Tamashiro to boost my business.

  • I understand I will be billed $17 (BootCamp Special Price) today to receive immediate access to the Setup A Squeeze Page site.
  • I understand that there will be no future billings to my credit card
  • I understand that I will receive all future updates as part of my payment today.

P.S. Your membership will activated instantly after purchase and you will have life time access to this training

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